Carbon Systems was founded on one simple premise: Partner with local IT providers to provide the best IT hardware solutions tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs).  From our years of experience supporting SMBs—we know the unique challenges small businesses face when it comes to hardware.  

At Carbon Systems, we only serve the SMB market.  We make it easy for your IT provider to procure, deploy and support our products.  Every Carbon Systems workstation comes with our standard no-hassle warranty.  Once your IT provider diagnoses and confirms a problem, we send a replacement at no charge, keeping your business running smoothly.

Here are some of the other benefits Carbon Systems delivers:


Industry-leading products

Our systems are designed from the ground-up for SMBs.  Carbon Systems workstations are based on Intel’s 8th gen compute platform, utilizing SSD Storage and Windows 10 optimized memory configurations.  We boast some of the fastest boot and application load times in the industry, all while maintaining a small desktop and low carbon footprint.

Proven Value

We recognize quality hardware at a reasonable price is paramount.  By bulk sourcing components from top tier suppliers, focusing on state of the art (not bleeding edge or legacy), we deliver proven, competitive and reliable solutions to SMBs.

Assembled in the USA

Carbon Systems does all assembly in the United States, following industry-recognized best practices.  And we follow sustainable business practices to minimize waste in assembly, manufacturing, shipping and recycling processes.


We know the ability to move quickly in the SMB market is something that sets our customers apart from big business.  That’s why we have designed our production process to provide next day turn-around on order placement and RMA.


To assure you receive top quality support, Carbon Systems partners with local IT providers to deliver business class hardware to the business consumer.  If you are a small or midsize business who is interested in our products, let your IT provider know.  If they are not already a Carbon Systems partner, have them contact us.  If you don’t currently have an IT provider, contact us and we’ll provide names of IT providers in your area who can serve your needs.